1.1 Shetland teams do not participate in a draft. The player agent and the division 
representative will select and appoint players teams, taking into consideration the 
following criteria: 
 (a) school; 
 (b) home address; 
 (c) experience; and, 
 (d) parent/guardian requests. 
1.2 The maximum number of teams in the division is ten. 
Official baseball rules shall apply the exception of the following: 
(A) No leading off or stealing of bases permitted. 
(B) Game time limitation--no inning may start after 2 hours of play has 
elapsed; but if an inning has begun, it must be completed entirely. Any 
game exceeding the time limitation of 2 hours will be considered 
complete, regardless of the number of innings completed. 
(C) Outfield players must remain on the outfield grass until the ball is put into 
(D) A team may field up to 6 infielders. The 1st baseman, 2nd baseman, 
shortstop, and 3rd baseman must remain at a reasonable position, not more 
than 3 feet in front of the baseline, until the ball is put into play. 
(E) The pitcher shall remain in contact with the pitching plate until the ball is 
hit by the batter. 
(F) The ball may not be touched by a defensive player until it crosses the line 
defined in rule 2.2 (D). If the ball is touched in violation of the foregoing, 
a “dead ball” is declared and the batter is still up. 
(G) no score shall be kept. TECOLOTE YOUTH BASEBALL, INC 
(A) Length of game is 3 innings. Subject to the time limitation in rule 2.1(b). 
(B) Everyone plays. Extra players are to be used in the outfield. Outfielders 
may not enter the dirt portion of the infield until after the ball has been hit. 
(C) All players bat each inning. 
(D) Batters will hit the ball off of a tee: 
 (1) The tee is to be positioned behind home plate. 
 (2) A ball hit off the tee will be considered foul if it does not pass a 
straight line connecting 2 points--one being on the first base line, 12 
feet from home plate, the other being on the third base line, also 12 
feet from home plate. 
(E) Overthrows: once an overthrow into four or fair territory has been 
committed in an attempt to throw a runner out at any base, the runners 
shall be allowed to advance to the next base on their own, at the risk of 
being put out and are limited to that one additional base, regardless of how 
many overthrows are committed in an attempt to throw the runner out. 
 (F) Stopping play after a ball has been hit: play shall be stopped when the ball 
has been thrown towards the catcher and the ball passes over the white 
chalk line described in rule 2.2(d) and its extension to the limits of the 
playing field. Runners shall be allowed to go to the base they are running 
toward, provided they have passed the half way point between the bases 
when the ball has reached the line; otherwise they must return to the base 
from which they were running. 
(G) Last batter: When the last batter comes up to bat in each half inning, the 
manager shall inform the home plate umpire that this is the last batter. 
The umpire will then announce “that this is the last batter.” After the ball 
is hit, play will be considered live until the catcher touches home plate 
with the ball in his/her possession. 
Exception (1): If the ball goes out of play for any reason, the umpire will 
award the bases according to regular baseball rules. 
Exception (2): In the case of a ground-rule double, all runners on base 
score and the batter is awarded a double. 
Exception(3): Any player/runner put out cannot score. 
(H) Throwing the bat: If in the judgment of any umpire, a batter throws his or 
her bat after hitting the ball, the batter will be given a second chance to hit 
the ball and drop the bat. If the batter throws the bat a second time, in the 
same at-bat, he/she will automatically be called out and the runners will 
return to their bases. 
(I) The defensive team may use up to 2 coaches in the outfield. Both coaches 
shall be positioned behind the defensive players in the outfield. No coach 
may enter the infield while the ball is in play. 
(J) The team at bat may have a manager or coach in the coaching boxes at 1st 
and 3rd bases, a coach or team parent helping with the batting rotation, 
and an additional adult to help with the tee. A maximum of 3 adults are 
allowed on the field and 1 adult in the dugout at any one time. 
(K) No coach or manager may physically assist a player when the ball is in 
play. The player/runner will be out if physically assisted by a coach. 
(L) No protest will be allowed in the Shetland division. 
(M) Violations of rules I), J) or K) are deemed unsportsmanlike conduct. 
Violations shall be brought to the attention of the division rep. The 
division rep will mete out appropriate discipline. Discipline shall be in the 
form of counseling, a verbal warning, a written warning, a suspension or 
termination from manager or coach status. 
(N) First half rules: All batters will hit off the tee. Players that are “out” shall 
remain on the basepaths. 
(O) Second half rules: The pitching machine will be used. The batter will be 
given 5 pitches from the pitching machine. The batter cannot “strike out”. 
If the batter is unsuccessful after five pitches the batting tee will be placed 
on the plate and the batter will use the batting tee to hit. All “outs” on the 
basepaths will result in the runner that is out being removed from the 
(P) The Shetland division representative can make rule(s) changes in the best 
interest of the Shetland division with the Tecolote Board approval. 
3.1 All managers, coaches, and players on the field shall be in uniform. A uniform 
shall consist of a hat, and a shirt supplied by the league, and long pants; baseball 
pants are recomended. Teams may have 1 adult out of uniform in the dugout but 
they may not coach from the 1st or 3rd base coaching boxes or otherwise go on 
the field. Shorts are not acceptable! 
4.1 Each team is required to provide an adult volunteer umpire each game. This adult 
shall be familiar with these rules. 
5.1 Teams are encouraged to use the snackbar and to buy snack tickets. 
6.1 Each team will police their dugout and surrounding area after each game. 
6.2 No drinks, alcohol, food or tobacco are allowed in the dugout or on the field 
during practice or game time. 
Exception: Water, as well as other customary sport drinks such as gatorade, are 
permitted; provided, however, no soda drinks are allowed. 
6.3 When at bat, managers should insure that at least 2 players, in addition to the 
batter, have helmets on and are ready to bat. This will result in a controlled and 
smooth batting rotation and avoid delaying the game. 
6.4 The home team will be responsible for watering down the infield, raking same, 
setting the bases, policing its dugout area for trash, etc., lining the field, and 
displaying the American flag before the start of any game. 
6.5 The visiting team is responsible for cleaning up its dugout and surrounding stands 
and after the last game of the day will put away the bases, lower the American 
flag, and bag the trash and take it down to the sidewalk in front of the recreation 
6.6 “Physical or verbal abuse will not be tolerated on the playing field. Verbal abuse 
includes, but is not limited to verbally belittling a player, untoward language or 
excessive yelling at the players. Any violation of this rule, upon receipt of a 
complaint, will be investigated by the player agent, division representative and 
president. If after investigation, the player agent, division representative and 
president determine that further action is necessary, it will be addressed at the  
next regularly scheduled meeting of the board of directors, with the offending 
party present. 
6.7 No abuse will be tolerated from the stands. Any violation of this rule, upon 
receipt of a complaint, will be investigated by the player agent, division 
representative and president. If after investigation, the player agent, division 
representative and president determine that further action is necessary, it will be 
addressed at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the board of directors, with 
the offending party present.” 
6.8 Pony rule 20b will be enforced: 
“Players or adult volunteers who engage in 
unsportsmanlike conduct, such as fighting, abusive 
language or similarly derogatory activity, may be 
suspended for one or more games.